Image análysis

Clave: 22A8029

No. de horas: 72

Créditos: 5

Tipo de asignatura: Optativa

Fecha de elaboración: 2022-01-20

Objetivo general:

The student will learn formal concepts related to image analysis that help him or her to understand different techniques of this domain. The student will also be able to implement variousimage processing techniques to solve problems related to image analysissuch as segmentation, characterization, enhancement among others.


mage formation(8hours)I.I PerspectiveprojectionI.II DigitizationI.III QuantizationII.Image characterization(16hours)II.I Mathematical characterizationII.II Superposition and convolutionII.III Transform domain processingIII.Image statistics and texture (16 hours)III.I Random variablesIII.II Correlation and spectraIII.III Invariant texture featuresIII.IV Variant texture featuresIV.Image analysis and enhancement(16hours)IV.I Noise suppression IV.II Brightness and contrast adjustment IV.III Histogram equalization IV.IV Edge and contour detection V. Image segmentation (16 hours)V.I Amplitud segmentationV.II Clustering segmentationV.III Region-basedSegmentationV.IV Boundary segmentationV.V Segment Labeling


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